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Drinkers of Wine is the title of a book that I wrote but never published. It is now being published via this website. It is a careful and comprehensive study of what the Bible teaches concerning wine in general and wine drinking in particular. The Scriptures are not used to defend a position, rather the Scriptures are allowed to establish the position. Both the Old and New Testaments are investigated in order to present the viticulture of the nation of Israel and the practices of Jesus and the early Church.

As I indicate in the Preface my journey has been from total abstinence to an enjoyment of the fruit of the vine, an enjoyment that has no regrets, guilt, or inhibition, with the affirmation that my drinking does not include drunkenness. It is fulfilling to experience the freedom that is the right and one of the blessings from God for every believer.

If you currently abstain because of conviction or conscious, before you judge the issue negatively, read all of the articles related to the Biblical teaching, as well as my personal journey in attempting to understand and emulate the same. A rigid legalism or an unbridled license are not the only options. The important question for the believer is: What does the Bible teach?

Perhaps you too can become a drinker of wine.

Articles related to Drinkers of Wine


        Expanded Outline

        An Introduction

        Early Use of Wine in the Bible

        Wine and the Nation of Israel

        Jesus and Wine

        Paul, Wine, and the Early Church

        The Symbolism of Wine

        The Abuse of Wine

        Christian Freedom and Responsibility


        Select Scriptures

        Quotes - Wine

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